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The set of sports offered by bookmakers has such a non-trivial betting option as table tennis. By no means, this is not a core business of bookmakers’ facilities, however table tennis championships are held quite often and very dynamically, and there are many advantages of betting on this kind of sports. This means that its fans and simply fans of sports betting should try their luck and apply knowledge in order to make money off forecasts. In our turn, we will talk about all the nuances of betting on this sport.

Features of Online Table Tennis Betting

There are only two players in classic table tennis and each of them has his own way of playing which requires special pads for rackets to be selected. It is very convenient to bet on tennis players who have a pronounced style of shots as attacking or defensive, as well as to predict their actions. If a tennis player plays chaotically without adhering to any of the styles, it will be more difficult to predict his behavior and the outcome of the match. Besides, the simplicity of forecasting is ensured by the presence of only two participants in the game, whose strengths are easier to evaluate, than, for example, the entire football team.

Another positive feature is the time of matches from 30 to 60 minutes, which promises a quick win if the forecast is correct. Moreover, it is such a short time that allows making live bets on table tennis, when it is possible to quickly navigate the situation and catch higher coefficients.

Bookmakers, as a rule, do not have staff specializing particularly in tennis betting, which allows bets makers making money on bookmakers’ facilities errors in action lines and value coefficients. Besides, due to the fact that the game is dynamic, there are a lot of forks and no one of the players has a clear advantage.

What are the Rates for Table Tennis

Table tennis betting list will not impress with its vastness, however, having affordable options and a competent approach, you can conclude profitable deals. Bets makers are offered to bet on:

  • Outcome: win of one of the tennis players in a match or in a set (there is no draw here);
  • Handicap: number of points in a game or a match;
  • Total in table tennis: the result of more/less points in a set or in a match;
  • Odd or even: even or odd number of points;
  • The first game or match: the winner in the first round and game;
  • The exact score: the result in a particular game.

Some bookmakers may have other options available for table tennis bets online, which will be only the varieties of the above types as usual.

Suitable Strategies

In order to make bets on table tennis and get profit, you need a systematic approach to betting. In this regard, special strategies will help, which are the methods of proper money management and choosing the right event depending on the situation. It doesn’t matter if you will bet on table tennis in live or pre-match mode, your actions should be worked out. The most popular methods that have already been tested by professional bets makers include:

  • Bets on the favorite who loses;
  • Bets on total under in one of the sets;
  • Catching up on totals;
  • Strategy for live table tennis betting on an outsider’s winning in a game;
  • Bets on even/odd for total;
  • Bets on victory with a handicap.

It is better to choose strategies based on your experience in betting and knowledge in sports. You will find a detailed description of these techniques in a special section of the website.

How to Analyze Matches

Table tennis is a sport that every person has tried at least once in their life, and some do not miss the opportunity to play a couple of games in their free time. However, this is not enough to become an expert and to understand all the nuances for making winning bets. Therefore, before making bets on table tennis, analyze the players themselves. Here is what you need:

  • Evaluate current physical form of the players: whether they have been recently injured and how many tournaments have been won before in a row;
  • Look at the rating of each tennis player, which will show the level of athletes’ professionalism;
  • Analyze previous face-to-face meetings for rivals inconvenient for each other;
  • Take an interest in the psychological state of the players and their motivation;
  • Examine the statistics of previous matches.

Professional bets makers recommend live betting on table tennis, but thanks to a preliminary analysis, the situation during the game will be more predictable. It should be remembered that an advantage of even 5 balls in this sport does not mean anything, since wagering from a large lag is possible here. In addition, there are practically no random outcomes, comebacks in sets and players’ injuries in table tennis, and there is no need to take into account the weather, venue and other factors affecting the result.

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