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Billiards is entertainment for most people; however, many of them do not even think about the fact that this is also a sport. Nevertheless, tournaments and championships are regularly held according to billiard types, which makes this sport profitable for betting in bookmakers’ facilities. We will tell you about all the varieties, features and rules of betting so that you can choose the most suitable option and make a profitable bet.

Features of Billiards Betting 

To begin with, billiards is not the name of a separate game, but of several varieties of board games, which common feature is the accelerated balls movement on the table with a cue; thus, different tables, balls and cues are used for each individual game. There are four main varieties in the world:

  • American pool
  • Russian pool
  • Snooker
  • Carom

Bookmakers take bets on all of these types, but bets makers eminently prefer sports betting on snooker, which you can find on the website of every single bookmaker’s facility, and which has the most interesting action line. The biggest events in the world of billiards are the World Cup, which takes place in April, the Shanghai Masters, which is held in September, the Grand Prix tournament, which is in October, and the European Championship, which is held in December. In addition to them, other non-rated competitions are held which also give a possibility to make bets on in certain bookmaker’s facilities.

Bets Types

The extent of the action line will depend on the chosen variety of billiards and on the bookmaker as well as his attention to this kind of sports. Regardless of whether you will bet on Russian pool, snooker or an American pool, you will find the following betting options in the standard line of every bookmaker’s facilities:

  • Bets on the winner of the game: you need to choose your favorite and bet on his victory;
  • Bets on the exact score: this is the most difficult bet, but also with the highest coefficients, because you need to guess the exact outcome;
  • Century bets: this is a type of snooker bet intending a betting on a player’s getting of 100 points or more;
  • Bets on the winner of three games: bets are made on the player who won the first 3 frames;
  • Bets on handicap: bets are made on the difference of the won games in the competition;
  • Bets on total over/under.

If the bookmaker offers snooker betting online only, additional variants of events for betting may appear in the list, which will give you even more opportunities for a profitable forecast.

Billiards Betting. Billiard Bookmakers.

Billiards Betting Strategies

Despite the fact that snooker betting online is the most popular, there are no specially developed strategies for it, as well as for other types of billiards. Therefore, you need to take it from there. For example, in snooker and American pool it is often advantageous to bet on underdog with a positive handicap in case the players are from the same country: in such event, the favorite can often give several frames to the outsider. When two unequal opponents meet, it is better to put on total over on frames. In general, bets makers usually use such well-known methods:

  • Catching Up strategy: bets on an outsider with 2.0 coefficient (used with the Fibonacci system);
  • Bets on the winner in live mode: when using bets on total over/under;
  • Forks: involves betting simultaneously for the same event with different forecasts at several bookmakers’ facilities (it is better not to use by betting beginners).

Billiards Matches Analysis

As it was already mentioned, snooker bets are the most popular in the billiards betting line for today; however, for pre-match analysis, one can be guided by the general principles of evaluating single sports. The analysis of the factors described below is also suitable for other varieties of this board game.

To start with, it is necessary to evaluate the physical form of the players, including their experience, because it’s not the strong and hardy those win here, but the savvier ones. In plain language, it is better to bet on a more experienced of two players of different ages. You should also evaluate the participants’ psychological state and take interest in their private life the turmoil in which can affect the game skill.

Be sure to analyze the statistics of previous performances and the presence of unsuccessful opponents. Look at the results of the previous 5 games, and you will understand what to expect from the cue masters in the upcoming match. In addition, you need to find out the history of face-to-face meetings, because the manner of playing billiards, as a rule, varies depending on the opponent.

The prestige of the tournament is also an important factor, because the more prestigious the game is, the more experienced billiards players participate in it. However, the coefficients at such competitions as, for example, the World Cup are lower; therefore, in the pursuit of higher coefficients it is better to put on less prestigious competitions.

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