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Online computer games betting is still a young area in betting industry, but its popularity is growing at an impressive pace. Sure enough, if online tournaments are held between gamers, then why not to gamble on the win of one of them or a whole team? In addition, due to the demand among bets makers, bookmakers’ facilities offer an extensive eSports action line and very attractive coefficients. If you also want to bet on eSports online, we’ll show you how to deal with it correctly and as profitably as possible.

Virtual Sports Betting Features

In addition to the fact that gaming tournaments can be carried out online and offline and gamers can be at that time, either in completely different parts of the globe, or in the same room, there are other features of eSports betting. Let’s start by saying that thousands of people make bets on virtual sports every day, since fights between gamers teams are held quite often. In this case, not only real money can be used, but also skins and things from the game itself, that is, everything that has a certain value in the game world. However, the negative side is that there are no major international championships lasting all season, so it’s impossible to track any patterns for the analysis.

Today you can watch the broadcast of matches on many online platforms that organize competitions. Some countries even broadcast cyber tournaments on TV, so that it is possible to bet in live and pre-match mode. The websites broadcasting matches keep statistics of various games, so there will also be no problems in terms of preliminary analysis. You can download eSports bets in the form of special applications on such websites.

eSports Betting. All That a Bets Maker Needs to Know

Bets Types

The main difference between eSports betting and classic sports betting is the specific game terminology. There are no goals, halves and sets. Instead of them, there are kills, cards, an upgrade, cheat codes and many other words unknown to a simple bets maker. For the rest, everything is identical to betting on football, tennis and other sports. Let’s consider the main options present in bookmakers’ facility action line:

  • Bets on outcome: on winning card, match or round;
  • Bets on handicap: on cards, rounds and kills;
  • Bets on total: on the total number of cards, rounds, and even the time spent on the card;
  • Bets on even or odd.

The types listed above are basic ones; various additional options may be offered in the list on their basis depending on the selected bookmakers’ facility.

Betting is necessary only using strategies that you need to choose depending on the game you are going to bet on.

Types of Betting Games

In eSports, the most popular games among gamers are offered for betting. For example, you can bet on Dota 2, which is one of the most famous games in the virtual world. The peculiarity of Dota 2 tournaments is that each team can be called strong here, so everything will depend on the heroes chosen by the players, the methods of attack used, cooperation with other team members and responses to enemy attacks. Due to the huge number of factors that influence victory, the outcomes of this game are the most difficult to predict, so it’s better to make bets on Dota 2 in live mode.

The most popular games include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where the team needs to win 16 rounds and 2 rounds more than the opponent in order to win. Due to the fact that the match contains 2 cards, the final result may be 2:0 or 2:1. CS GO eSports bets are often made by gamers in live mode.

You can also bet on Call of Duty, League of Legends and World of Tanks.

Analysis of Events in eSports

If you are going to bet on events in tournaments of online games, you should analyze in advance the probability of both teams’ victory. In this regard, you need to pay attention to the traditional factors that determine victory, taking into account the specifics of this type of virtual sport:

Form of the teams and their composition: evaluate the outcome of previous fights, as well as get to know if new players have appeared in the team recently;

Motivation: gamers play better in a tournament with high pay than in small fights; besides, the team usually relaxes after passing to the next stage;

Game updates: if the game has recently been updated by the developer, this may affect the result;

Face-to-face meetings: as in other sports, teams that are uncomfortable for each other could be here, and this should also be taken into account;

Place of the game: some gamers play better online from their home computer, but the others, on the contrary, show better results in offline matches.

Things to Remember

eSports has its pitfalls. Firstly, due to the fact that the game often takes place online, it depends on the quality of the Internet connection at gamer’s home. Secondly, there are also contractual matches in this sport, which means that no matter how you analyze the upcoming match, your bet may be losing if the teams have agreed in advance on a specific result. Thirdly, due to the fact that bookmakers are not yet very versed in eSports, they severely limit betting limits and can set high margins. However, even the above features do not cancel the fact that eSports is still able to bring money to its fans.

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