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Call of Duty

Almost every gamer from the first person played this legendary military shooter, as over ten parts of the gameplay have appeared over the years of its existence. The latest version of the video game called Modern Warfare was released in October 2019, and is currently the main one for eSports.

The first part of CoD series was released in 2003 by the Activision developer, and since 2006, the Call of Duty game has been considered the eSports discipline and is used for professional competitions. Shooter players have to fight in one of the real wars of the past or hypothetical wars of the future. For example, in the latest game version, it is proposed to take part in the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, Syria and the past war in Iraq. At professional competitions in multiplayer mode, the storyline is saved. Gamers find themselves on a finished map on one side of the barricade with the main mission to kill all enemies, defuse their bombs and capture the base. Another feature of CoD is the zombie game mode, which is also used as entertainment in some small tournaments. In this mode, the Call of Duty team must kill opponents who turned into zombies after death.

Call of Duty Online Betting Types

The list of CoD bets in bookmakers’ facilities is very extensive. Traditionally, there are all tournaments in bookmakers’ lines with the number of spectators more than a thousand, and the types of bets from classic options to various additional events depending on the battle type. Bets makers can bet on the following events:

  • The battle winner: the team that won the match;
  • Asian handicap: positive or negative with two outcomes;
  • Accurate score;
  • Handicap on maps;
  • The battle outcome on the map.

In live mode, bets can be added on the winners of the rounds, total kills and the success of an individual gamer, and the coefficients can traditionally rise and fall depending on current events on the map. In addition, some bookmakers offer making long-term bets on the winner of an entire tournament, for example, Call of Duty Championship. By the way, Atlanta FaZe and Chicago Huntsmen have proven themselves to be the best teams this year, which should be taken into account in the pre-match analysis.

Call of Duty Tournaments and Suitable Bookmakers

It is possible to bet on events in this shooter tournaments on the websites of many bookmakers; however, it’s better to choose large companies that will offer bets on all major matches with extended action line. These bookmakers include the following: SlotV, William Hill, Bet365 and Frank.

Since 2013, the most significant Call of Duty Championship tournament with a prize pool of $ 1,000,000 has been held by the Activision game developer. For this championship gamers are selected through regional tournaments, which are previously held in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Brazil and North America. The Call of Duty World League, created in 2016, acts as the league for qualifying for the main Call of Duty championship. For the qualification period, $ 3,000,000 of the prize pool is provided. The championship itself is divided into two divisions as follows: professional and amateur; gamers can switch from amateur division to professional one depending on their success. However, there are other big tournaments that you can also bet on, for example, CWL Pro League, Call of Duty World League Vegas, CWL Fort Worth, as well as many small championships that are held throughout the year.

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