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Despite the fact that the Overwatch game was released only in 2016, it immediately entered the ranks of eSports disciplines and the bookmakers’ lines due to its popularity among gamers. The Overwatch matches sponsored by its developer, Blizzard Entertainment, and well-known organizer of the Electronic Sports League are held all year round, and this provides fans with a lot of interesting betting opportunities. In 2017, the Overwatch League (OWL) North American Professional League was created. Its first season with a prize pool of $ 3,500,000 was held in 2018 and brought overwhelming success which attracted even more fans to the game as the eSports type.

How to Bet on Overwatch eSports 

This game is released in the genre of multiseat first-person shooter, where the players are divided into two Overwatch 6×6 teams. Each gamer before the match chooses one of 26 characters from four classes as: protection, assault, tank or support, which can be changed during the game. All characters are endowed with unique characteristics and skills, which allows gamers creating a coordinated team to fulfill the main mission of the game. Online shooting matches are held in four rounds, and the teams take turns performing various missions as follows: capture or defend a control point or escort a platform with cargo along a given route for the allotted time. The game takes place in turn on four maps, and the main condition for winning the competition is to win all or at least three of them.

OWL matches are currently running, so it is already possible to make quite competitive bets. The most popular Overwatch League 2020 teams are as follows: Philadelphia Fusion, New York Excelsior, Paris Eternal, London Spitfire and Vancouver Titans. These particular regional teams top the success rating for the last 5 matches.

Bets Types

You can bet on the results of this shooter’s matches at many bookmaker’s facilities, for example, Matchbook, William Hill, Pinnacle, 888sport and other world venues. However, the gamer will have to choose Overwatch bet options from a very modest action line as:

  • Bets on the winner of meeting or round;
  • Bets on the best player;
  • Bets on the winner of each map;
  • Bets on the tournament result.

You can bet in pre-match and live modes; however, bets makers often choose betting during the broadcast, which allows making predictions depending on the circumstances happening in the game. When betting on Overwatch in live mode, be very careful, as this is an extremely dynamic game where the situation can change within a few seconds. In addition, live bet coefficients are very unpredictable.

Overwatch Tournaments

The OWL League is held in the playoffs and regular season format. This year, Overwatch League championships will be held from February 7, 2020 to November 6, 2020, that is, almost all year bets makers will be able to bet on teams of their favorite game. The league will feature 20 teams from China, South Korea, the USA and European countries. After the regular season, a prize pool is drawn between the best teams in the playoffs.

In addition to the League tournaments, Blizzard Entertainment game developer annually holds the Overwatch World Cup. It involves the national teams of different countries which are formed from the gamers who picked up the biggest number of audience votes. After that, there is a competition between the teams in the qualifying round and the group stage, which ends in the final at the BlizzCon Developer Festival held in the Blizzard Arena complex.

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