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Bets on Hearthstone

Blizzard Entertainment video game developer has many hits of various genres, and the Hearthstone video game is one of them, which is based on the Warcraft universe. The Hartstone was the first collectible card game in professional eSports; currently it has a huge number of fans who want not only fighting in the virtual world, but also betting on the results of events.

At first glance, the Hartstone game seems very simple and fun, which causes many people to treat with indignity to this eSports discipline. This is also supported by a high level of randomness and luck, which does not allow gamers controlling the whole situation. However, all this is just a cursory glance, as professional gamers know how much knowledge and skills really need to win the Hearthstone championships. The game is played 1×1: before the match two players select their heroes in one of nine Warcraft classes, and then take turns playing cards from their decks using the spells, abilities and weapons of their heroes. The tournament spectators see the players’ 3 cards of 30, and after each move, a new random card is opened. The main condition for victory is to be the first who resets the opponent’s health points.

How to Bet on Hearthstone eSports 

Matches on this cyber discipline are held in the best of 5 format; and since this is a card game, there are precious few betting options. Bets makers can bet on three main types of events from the standard bookmakers list as follows:

  • Bets on match outcome;
  • Bets on total by games;
  • Bets on handicap by games.

Some bookmakers also offer putting on the power of the blow, the first call of the legendary card and 2 or 3 other events. Certainly, this is not a lot, but it is enough for this game in order to make a correct forecast and earn money. Additional bets types are most often available in live mode, where, as you know, there are very unpredictable coefficients.

In terms of pre-match analysis of the Hartstone, everything is much more complicated than in other eSports disciplines. Unlike the popular Dota or CounterStrike, where success depends on the player’s skills, the outcome of the match in Hartstone depends more on the player’s luck. For example, a favorite can easily lose to an outsider if he has worse cards. However, even in this case, it is possible to make a winning bet if you know the gameplay features and tactics of participants in certain situations. The Hartstone bets are most commonly available at large bookmakers, where the eSports direction is one of the priority ones, for example, 10bet, William Hill, 888sport, and bet365.

Hearthstone Tournaments

The popularity of this game in eSports is growing along with the number of tournaments held, which are divided into local, regional and international. The gamers who will eventually take part in the World Championships are selected at local and regional competitions. As a part of the regional competitions running from 31/1/2020 to 27/9/2020, a series of Masters Tour tournaments are held, the winners of which pass to the highest level of competition, i.e. the Hearthstone Grandmasters. The first Grandmasters season begins in April and the second in August. After regional tournaments, one of the best players from each region receives a ticket to the World Championship with a prize pool of $ 250,000. Hearthstone world championship is organized annually by its developer Blizzard Entertainment within the BlizzCon festival held at the end of the year.

At the moment, the best Hearthstone 2020 players are as follows: Tashkinatora, Seiko, Phenry, VirtuozZ, and Amazing. These five gamers top the Hearthstone rating proving their skills in many competitions.

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