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In the field of online betting, nowadays there is a huge number of bookmakers offering customers the widest selection of sporting events. This is not surprising, because sports betting for several centuries has been one of the most popular ways to make money on hobbies. On the other hand, such an innumerable amount of Internet resources where you can bet on matches results has significantly complicated the choice of a suitable bookmaker’s facility. Bookmakers ratings are created in order for bets makers to simplify the process of studying and comparing the conditions of facilities.

How to Choose a Bookmaker’s Facility

Which bookmaker’s facility is better to play is the first thing a person thinks about having a desire to bet on the outcome of a sports competition. This question is relevant not only for the beginners, but also for pros who decided to change the bookmaker for whatever reason. It is no secret that in addition to bona fide companies, there are also many scammers working in this environment who dream of gaining money from gullible players. Our rating of bookmaker’s facilities will help you avoiding the deplorable experience of such rogues and choose a reliable platform for betting on the results of matches. However, before proceeding with a direct acquaintance with the companies included in our rating, it is worthwhile to find out what qualities the best bookmaker should have.

Criteria for Choosing a Bookmaker

There is no doubt that each bets maker has his own ideas about the ideal facility; however, there is a set of qualities that the best bookmaker’s facilities must have. We have compiled a list of criteria by which a bookmaker should be rated:

  • Reliability;
  • Profitability of the services provided to customers;
  • Bonus program;
  • Money deposit/withdrawal conditions;
  • Website usability and mobile application availability.

It was on these grounds that we compiled our rating of the world bookmaker’s facilities so that you can understand what is the best bookmaker for you. Now we propose to consider each of the parameters separately.


The first indicator of a company’s reliability is its license to provide this type of service, that is, legal permission from the state regulator in this industry to accept bets. In good faith, bookmaker’s facility provides all legal information, including address and license number on its website so that everyone can familiarize themselves with it before registering. The second indicator is the reputation on the Internet among customers, and here you should choose a facility without shady past, scandals with refusal to withdraw funds and all kinds of fraud to players.

Service Quality

In order to understand which bookmaker’s facility is better to put in, you must also pay attention to the following three parameters:

  • Coefficients. Their value directly affects profit;
  • Bets action line. The line of events whereon betting can be made should be expanded, which will allow betting on different additional outcomes;
  • Available sports. This option is more important for fans of exotic disciplines.

Evaluating the listed characteristics, it should be remembered that even the minimum difference in the coefficient size for different facilities will show a significant gap in calculating profits at a distance; and in terms of action lines, one should proceed from the preferred sports. For example, if you intend to bet only on football, then the betting list should be expanded specifically for football, and it does not matter at all that it is standard for hockey or tennis.

Bonus Program and Loyalty

The presence of generous bonuses and promotions is not so important indicator as two previous ones, but with their absence it is impossible to say that this is the best bookmaker’s facility online. Basically, a good bookmaker will always offer bonuses, free bets and gifts. However, we want to warn you that too generous bonuses may indicate bookmaker’s facility dishonesty, which wants to drive you into the debt pit of wagering. In addition, customers will be offered a loyalty program in the form of a cashback for lost bets.

Money Deposit/Withdrawal Conditions

The best bookmaker’s facilities offer a good line of payment systems for replenishing a deposit and withdrawing winnings. In this case, the withdrawal itself should be carried out without obstacles in the form of impracticable conditions, too long period for application’s consideration and huge commissions. In case the company is wriggling with withdrawal, it is either a fraudster, or it has financial problems, which means that you can never wait for your money.

Website Usability and Mobile Application Availability

It is worth paying attention also to the website itself: how convenient it is to use it and whether there is an application for a mobile phone. A serious bookmaker will have simple and intuitive navigation with a nice interface without any distractions for the player. Besides, such facility will provide its own mobile application, or at least a convenient mobile version of the website, where you can easily perform all bets operations, as well as money deposit/withdraw.

Summarizing the Above

Sure enough, there is no absolutely perfect bookmaker, because if required, it is possible to find flaw in each of them; nevertheless, there are many worthy variants with a good reputation offering quality services. Our rating contains only the best bookmaker’s facilities for making bets which will help you to choose the best one based on your own preferences.

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