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StarCraft 2 eSports Betting

StarCraft 2 online game can be called one of the most successful in eSports, since over the many years of its existence this eSports discipline has acquired many leagues and secured regular tournaments around the world. You can bet on StarCraft 2 at many bookmaker’s facilities, and the frequency of tournaments allows making good money on it.

The first version of SC2 was released back in 1998 by the Blizzard Entertainment developer, who founded his own World Championship Series league and regularly holds tournaments in different regions. StarCraft 2 matches are also sponsored by renowned organizations such as ESL, Ongamenet, IEM, Starleague and MLG. To date, three add-ons have been created that make the game more interesting and attractive for eSports. The game itself is a real-time strategy where three races fight among themselves for the survival of their species in the distant future. The main goal of the player is to create his own army, extract gas and minerals, erect buildings and destroy the army and strategic structures of his opponent.

Bets Types

The line of the most bookmakers, especially those who consider eSports to be a core business, includes the following SC2 betting options:

  • Bet on a victory of a particular participant in a round or match;
  • Bet on a victory of a certain participant in the tournament;
  • Bet on the duration of the round or match;
  • Bet on the number of wins or losses of a certain gamer in the tournament;
  • Bet on different handicap options, total and odds.

Some bookmakers may also offer additional bet options during the battle, for example, guessing which of the participants will be the first to capture the enemy’s base or attack the opponent. You can bet on this strategy in the live and pre-match modes, however, most bets makers prefer real-time bets even despite the coefficients unpredictability.

Which SC2 Tournaments it is Possible to Bet

The most attractive for betting are international tournaments, which are organized by both the developer himself and other well-known organizing companies of eSports competitions. The most significant in this RTS game is the World Championship Series tournament, which takes place in July; besides, its prize fund of $ 150,000 is annually collected. Participating players earn special points, and according to the results of the season, 16 players with the biggest number of points qualify for the LAN finals with a grand prize of $ 250,000. The largest leagues of this eSports include the following: the North American Star League, Team Liquid StarCraft League and GOMTV Global StarCraft II League.

Other important StarCraft 2 tournaments in 2020 are IEM Katowice 2020, which will be held in Katowice from February 24 to March 1 (prize pool is $ 150,000), and DreamHack SC2 Masters Dallas (prize pool is $ 100,000), which will be held in Dallas, USA, on May 22-24. These tournaments are held as a part of the ESL League Pro Tour.

Where is it Possible to Make Bets on SC2 Matches

Since tournaments in this sports discipline are held almost every month, betting on StarCraft 2 in 2020 is best done at large bookmaker’s facilities which allow betting on all the main matches of the game. For example, such offices include: William Hill, 888sport, SlotV and Frank. Do not forget making a pre-match analysis of the players before making predictions; it will be very simple to do, because most competitions are held in a 1×1 format. In summary, the players named Serral, Reynor, Neeb, SpeCial and TIME are the favorites of 2020 who scored the biggest number of points in previous competitions.

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