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Halo Betting

The Halo game is one of the most popular among the fans of online shooters; however, unfortunately, it has not yet received really deserved attention in the eSports arena. Nevertheless, this does not prevent its innumerable crowd of fans from playing the fifth version of Halo on the PC and betting at bookmakers converting their knowledge into money.

The release of this space shooter, which is played in the first person, was in 2001. Its developer Bungie and publisher Microsoft Studios tried to bring all the most interesting of science fiction to the first version of the game, and today, thanks to the support of 343 Industries and Major League Gaming, the latest edition of Halo5:Guardians has taken the game to the next level in eSports competitions. This is a direct continuation of Halo 4 PC version, which was also used in professional eSports, while Halo 3 PC did not meet the requirements of eSports.

How to Bet on Halo. Bets Types and Features

This shooter definitely has a certain relevance in eSports; however, it is impossible here to bet on almost any players’ actions, as it is possible in DotA or CS:GO. As a rule, bookmakers offer a very limited list of bets as follows:

  • Which team will win the tournament;
  • Who will win the match;
  • Who will be the winner of the map.

Halo is a very entertaining game, and the matches look quite easy, so the betters prefer to make real-time bets watching the whole action. The only nuance is the unpredictable live coefficients, which are reduced to a minimum as soon as the situation becomes too obvious.

Where and When It Is Possible to Make Bets on Halo

Bets on the results of space fights can be made at such bookmaker’s facilities as William Hill, Betfair, Bet365, 888Sports, Paddy Power and several other major bookmakers.

Unfortunately, Halo championships are not held as often as the bets makers would like. The largest one, The Halo World Championship, is sponsored by Microsoft Studios, the publisher of the game. The prize pool of this competition is $ 1,000,000. The Halo Championship Series is also organized by ESL, the organizer of the eSports competitions, which created the Pro League for the game.

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