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Basketball is on the list of the most popular and promising sports for betting. Due to the dynamism of this game and the presence of bookmakers’ wide betting line, it is possible to bet on many different events, both before the match and during its broadcast. NBA and Euroleague players earn as much as football players; and you can profit of their victories and even losses. We will tell you how to bet on basketball correctly and advantageously.

Features of Basketball Online Betting

Since there are five players simultaneously from each team on the basketball court, it is much easier for a bets maker to analyze the potential of the current squad and possible substitution variations. Since the games frequency in regular championships is quite high, you can collect a lot of detailed data for each of the players or clubs. However, when planning to bet in basketball, it’s worth considering that the bookmakers’ action line is not as wide as football or tennis, and different options for total and handicap are generally available. In addition, lower coefficients are offered for European competitions than for the NBA and NCAA, which may force one to refrain from Euroleague championships betting.

Types of Basketball Betting

The bookmakers’ lines represent the bets types traditional for betting:

  • Bets on outcome: win of one of the teams or overtime win;
  • Bets on handicap in basketball: less or more handicap outcome with the possibility of handicap re-buying during the broadcast;
  • Bets on total: the amount of more or less points earned by two teams in a match or a quarter;
  • Bets on overcoming playoff: the team knockout of national championships, NBA, Euroleague, world and European championships;
  • Quarterly bets: bet on quarters in comparison with points, falls, three-points or penalties scored by one or two teams at once;
  • Bets on pass: the team will go to the next stage of the tournament.

There is also a live basketball bets that you can make during the game. In this mode, it is possible to use all of the above types of bets.


The right basketball bets are made using strategies; in this regard, everything will depend on the style you choose for betting. It is best to use not one strategy, but several, depending on the competition itself, as well as the stages of the tournament or league. The most popular methods that are suitable for this sport are:

  • Corridor: suitable for basketball bets on total and handicap;
  • Even/odds in quarters: it is possible to bet on each quarter until you receive a win;
  • Strategy for betting on live basketball: for matches with obvious favorites and outsiders;
  • Bets on the underdog positive handicap.

The above strategies can be supplemented with the “Catching Up” technique which professional bets makers like to use when betting on a losing team.

Basketball Match Analysis

Before betting, it is necessary to analyze the upcoming sports competition. Here it is necessary to evaluate the psychical form of the players, the statistics of the team success and other indicators that allow ultimately predicting the outcome of event. It is important to try covering even such a parameter as the match calendar in the analysis. Even a strong team will often lose if before it had several guest matches during the week, or vice versa, players can save strength if this match is not as important for them as the next on the calendar. Pre-match analysis is needed even if you are going to make live betting on basketball, where you can navigate during the broadcast. The following offers the most important parameters for evaluating the upcoming game.

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Current Psychical Form of Teams

When assessing the form of two teams’ composition, it is necessary to analyze how many key players will play, since the absence of one or more leaders not only removes points, but also does not allow collecting them in a quantity sufficient to win. Do not forget to ask about injured and disqualified players; if these are important participants, the match result may be lower than expected. Also evaluate the statistics of home and away matches; here you should separately evaluate the success of the match at home field and at the guest one. When betting on the NBA or another league, additionally analyze the previous five team games. This will help to objectively assess the potential of basketball players and their manner of playing.

Face-to-Face Meeting

It is also necessary to evaluate the history of the teams’ oppositions, which sometimes can give more comprehensive information than many watched games broadcasts of each team individually. After all, it happens that one team can be significantly higher than its opponent in the standings, but often lose to it. There is only one explanation for this phenomenon in sports: there are players in teams who are uncomfortable for each other with personal hostility and a history of conflicts. There are many cases in the history of sports when one team has never managed to win against a certain opponent. When analyzing face-to-face meetings, the venue of the match should be taken into account, since if the team won at home, it does not mean at all that it will win while visiting the same opponent.

Motivation and Standings

The players’ motivation is no less important. It is necessary to analyze team’s level of interest in the upcoming match. In case the match result is not significant for the team, and it has no tournament tasks, then basketball players are unlikely to give all the best in the game. It is also possible to see the real mood of the players by making live betting on basketball.

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