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According to one version of events, it was at the hippodrome where bookmakers and sports bets were born. At first glance, everything is simple in horse racing: you chose a horse, made a bet and you win if the horse comes in first. In fact, betting on horse racing, like on any other sport, has its own nuances. We will try to tell you the main information in this article.

Horse racing is one of the most popular kinds of sports in many of the following countries: the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and the UAE. The competitions are held at different distances and on various types of terrain (grass, sand, etc.), and this fact already indicates that it is necessary to go deep into researching horse racing before betting.

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Types of Horse Racing Bets

Despite the fact that horse races are also held in the territory of our country, legal Russian Internet bookmakers mainly accept bets on horse races that take place abroad. Let’s consider the most common betting options.

Bets on the Winner (Win)

Everything is simple here. It is the usual type of bet on the winner of a race. We choose a horse and we win if it gets to the finish line first. There is also an opportunity to choose a horse and place the opposite bet, that is, you win if the horse does not get to the finish line first.

Bets on the Top Three Winners

As you may imagine, it is difficult to guess the winner of a race. This is precisely the reason that, in order to increase the probability of winning, bookmakers offer the option of betting on the top three winners. That is, the selected horse should be in the top three at the end of the race. This betting type may also be called ‘Show’.

It is also worth noting that the number of top places in different races can vary. If there are more than three of them and It is also worth noting that the number of top places in different races can vary. If there are more than three of them and the horse wins prizes, then this type of bet is called ‘Place’.

Bets on the Winners in the Correct Sequence

There is also a type of bet called ‘Forecast’ in races. The player needs to guess the horses that will come first and second in the race. This variation of the bet can change, giving the bettor an opportunity to place the bet randomly on certain places that the horses will achieve.

Some bookmakers offer a bet option as Tricast in addition to the Forecast. This bet is identical to the above with only one cSome bookmakers offer a bet option known as ‘Tricast’, in addition to the ‘Forecast’. This type of bet is identical to the above with only one difference: here you need to have already chosen three horses.

Who is Taller

For this bet, a bettor selects one horse from any two horses, to guess which will take a higher place. That is, the player watches both horses during the entire race.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse Racing Strategies


This is the most popular horse racing strategy. However, you should note that it does not 100% guarantee that you will win. There are also sensations in equestrian sport, as in any other discipline, where the favourites are inferior to the outsiders.

In the first races of the day, it is necessary to select 3 favourites at different hippodromes with a coefficient of at least 2.00. Then, the selected horses need to be combined into one bet called ‘Trixie’. That means it is necessary to place one triple bet and three double bets.

A similar system can be used when betting on two favourites in the opening (morning) races. However, now it is necessary to put two single bets on the favourites and one double bet.

Al Capone Accountant Strategy

According to the legend, the following strategy for betting on races was invented by the chief accountant of the American gangster. Its essence is as follows: the player finds races where the odds on favourites offered by the bookmakers are overstated and fluctuate by around 4.00. Then, a bet is made on several favourites at once. If one horse wins, the player remains in the black.

What Should Bettors Pay Attention to in Horse Racing Betting?

Horse Age

Undoubtedly, a young horse at short distances has improved chances of winning compared to an older horse. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of long-distance races, then experience plays the main role.

Race Length

Before placing bets, it is necessary to know the length of the race as well as whether there is a break for a horse before the race. If it is a sprint (short run), then the horse needs to rest for at least a month; but if it is a long distance race, then a long break is not necessary, or rather, it is actually undesirable.

Jockey Weight

The average weight of a jockey is 60 kilograms. However, novice athletes are allowed to exceed this limit in order to improve balance with the horse. Therefore, it becomes clear that the lighter the jockey is, the more experienced it is and has higher chances to win.


As in other outdoor sports, the weather can bring unexpected resultsAs with all outdoor sports, the weather can bring unexpected results when the favourites are inferior to the outsiders. Therefore, it is necessary, before betting, to check the weather conditions at the hippodrome.

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