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Included in the Olympic program since 1992, badminton has grown in popularity. Representatives of the Asian region are traditionally the best in this sport. As far as European performers are concerned, Danish badminton players are the only athletes able to compete with the badminton players of Indonesia and China. Since badminton is included in the lines of most major sportsbooks, we are here to provide all the necessary information to every bettor who chooses badminton to bet on.

Badminton is a game with clearly defined rules. The match lasts up to two wins in games with 2:0 or 2:1 as possible final result. The first player to score 21 points is the winner of the game. Each rally won is worth one point to the player. When the score is 20:20, the game will continue until one of the opponents is gain a 2-point advantage. In badminton, the scoring system corresponds to volleyball, with the serving side being the one who won the previous rally. Similar to tennis, badminton is played in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Your badminton betting strategy – taking into account the scoring rules and the format of the match – can be similar to the strategy of betting on volleyball, beach volleyball, table tennis. Each of these sports is characterized by high dynamics and lightning-fast changes in the odds in the bookmaker’s line during the game. For these reasons, badminton is one of the best live betting options.

It is noteworthy that badminton, among other sports, is the absolute record holder for the speed of a game shell. The maximum speed of the shuttlecock was 493 km/h, and the longest rally of one point is 108 blows by opponents in two minutes, which is an absolute record. Because of this, the outcome of a single rally or series of rallies is often unpredictable. However, more often than not – as in other sports – the better players featuring rich technical arsenal wins.

Male Badminton Players

Badminton Bet Types

Badminton betting lines contain a standard set of bets for sports of a similar format and regulations.

Match/Game Winner

Since there are no draws in badminton, bookmakers offer to place a bet on Player1 or Player2 who – in the bettor’s opinion – will be the winner of the match or game. This betting market is the most widespread. When it comes to live betting, some sportsbooks accept bets to win a particular point draw.

Handicap Bet

Like Match/Game Winner bet, sportsbooks offer a handicap bet both for the entire match and for a separate game with the last one most often available in the live line. Unfortunately, the list of events available for badminton betting is very sparse.

Total Bet

There are several options for total bets – total of a match, total of a game, total of a match by games (in fact, a choice between 2:0 and 2:1 in the final score, regardless of the winner), individual total in a game or match, even or odd total in a game or match.

Correct Score Bet

There are four options to choose from – 2:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:2. When placing a correct score bet, you must be sure that the favorite will win. By choosing the 2:0 option, you will place a bet with a higher odd.

First Match/Game Winner Bet

This type of bet is rarer. However, in popular tournaments and in the final stages of competitions, First Match/Game Winner is one of the popular bets.

When placing bets on the matches of the Olympics, World Cup and Super Series tournaments, you will be dealing with quite extensive bookmaker lines and also will be able to choose between most of the bet types listed above. However, for less status tournaments, the line is quite sparse.

Wiser Betting on Badminton – Helpful Tips

In badminton, just like in tennis, there is a clear hierarchy of tournaments in terms of status, size of prize and rating points – World Super Series tournaments, Golden Series tournaments, World Cup stages, Challengers, and futures. When choosing the type of bet before starting the match, it is necessary to take into account the player’s motivation for a particular tournament, his rating and current form, which – as in most sports – is very important factor.

As with tennis, many badminton players consider certain tournaments to be preferred. By participating in such tournaments, they perform successfully because they have increased motivation. For example, Lee Chong Wei, one of the most titled active badminton players, has 12 wins in the Malaysia Open – which has been held 15 times – with his last title won in 2018. However, during the same period of participation in a similar Super Series tournament in Indonesia, Lee Chong won only 4 victories. With 1.06 odds to win, Lee Chong Wei was eliminated in the second round of the Indonesian tournament, which indicates the low motivation of the athlete for this tournament.

If you are not well versed in badminton, you will hardly be able to assess the chances of winning better than the bookmaker will. So, you should monitor the market by comparing the odds offered by different sportsbooks, use statistical tools and pay attention to the movement of the line before the start of the match. Based on this data, you can try yourself in live betting, where the reverse line movement principle at the moment of maximum deviation from the pre-match odds of the bookmaker often works. For example, it is best to bet on the favorite or “total/over” when the underdog is in the lead. Do not neglect to watch the match in real time to ensure that there is no injury or other extraneous factors.

Since the odds for Match/Game Winner, Handicap and Total live bets in badminton change very quickly, it is often possible to make surebets during the match. To avoid emotional decisions in the course of the game, a bettor should have a pre-thought plan of action for live bets with thoughtful moves. Make a surebet or wait for the final result of the match? To accept a loss when the game went according to a different scenario or to recoup by betting on a different outcome? Since there is no perfect strategy that guarantees 100% results, you must have prepared answers to the above questions.

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