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GroundStadio Alberto Picco
AddressLa Spezia, Italy
Ground Info Stadio Alberto Picco is the main football stadium in La Spezia, Italy. Since 1919 it is the home ground of Spezia Calcio 1906. The stadium holds 10,336. Stadio Alberto Picco has been the home of Spezia Calcio since 1919. The stadium was built in a rush to provide Spezia with a home for their first league season, but wasn’t finished in time. The stadium officially opened on 7 December 1919 with a league match between Spezia and SC Genova (8-0). The stadium consisted of wooden stands in English style. The stadium was named after Alberto Picco, a former player that had died in the First World War. The first concrete stand was built in 1933 when a new main stand was erected. It took until the 1960s for a first concrete curve to follow. The stadium underwent further developments in the late 1980s when another concrete curve got built and the rest of the stadium got updated, resulting in a capacity of 15,000. Few changes have been made since though the stadium underwent some refurbishments in 2006 when the club promoted to the Serie B. Safety measures have furthermore reduced capacity to its current 10,000.
HonoursSpezia Calcio is a professional football club based in La Spezia, Liguria, Italy that plays in the Seria A for the first time.
In 2020–21, they are playing in the Serie A for the first time in their history, after promotion to the top tier for the first time via play-offs in the 2019–20 season. Spezia hosts matches at the 10,336-capacity Stadio Alberto Picco.
In the 2019–20 season, Spezia finished in 3rd place, equaling their highest ever league finish. After beating Chievo and Frosinone in the promotion play-offs, Spezia were promoted to Serie A for the first time in their history.

Spezia played its first home game of the 2020–21 Serie A season against Sassuolo on 27 September 2020, ending in a 4–1 home defeat. Spezia won its first Serie A match on 30 September, against Udinese, ending in a 2–0 away win.
Divisione Nazionale (Level 1)
Winners (1): 1944 (honorary)
Prima Divisione (Level 2)
Winners (1): 1928–29
Seconda Divisione (Level 2)
Winners (1): 1925–26 (Group B)
Promozione (Level 2)
Winners (1): 1919–20
Serie C (Level 3)
Winners (3): 1935–36 (Group B), 2005–06 (Group A),[a] 2011–12 (Group B)[b]
Runners-up: 2001–02 (Group A)[a]
Serie C2 (Level 4)
Winners (1): 1999–2000 (Group A)
Runners-up: 1979–80 (Group A), 1985–86 (Group A), 2009–10 (Group A)[c]
IV Serie (Level 4)
Winners (1): 1957–58
Runners-up (1): 1955–56 (Group E)
Serie D (Level 4)
Winners (1): 1965–66 (Group A)
Runners-up (1): 2008–09 (Group A)
Serie B (Level 2)
Play-off winners (1): 2019–20
Supercoppa di Serie C
Winners (2): 2006, 2012
Coppa Italia Serie C
Winners (2): 2004–05, 2011–12[d]
Scudetto Serie D
Winners (1): 1957–58
Coppa Ottorino Mattei
Winners (1): 1957–58
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Spezia Calcio Players List

  Name PositionAgeHeight
1 Jeroen Zoet Goalkeeper 31 189cm
3 Juan Ramos Defender 25 179cm
4 Gennaro Acampora Midfielder 28 174cm
5 Riccardo Marchizza Defender 24 186cm
7 Jacopo Sala Defender 30 181cm
8 Matteo Ricci Midfielder 27 176cm
9 Andrey Galabinov Forward 33 192cm
10 Lucien Agoume Midfielder 20 185cm
11 Emmanuel Gyasi Forward 28 181cm
12 Titas Krapikas Goalkeeper 23 194cm
13 Elio Capradossi Defender 26 185cm
14 Federico Mattiello Defender 26 184cm
17 Diego Farias Forward 32 172cm
18 M'Bala Nzola Forward 25 185cm
19 Claudio Terzi Defender 37 180cm
20 Simone Bastoni Defender 25 181cm
21 Salva Ferrer Defender 24 184cm
22 Julian Chabot Defender 24 195cm
23 Riccardo Saponara Midfielder 30 184cm
24 Nahuel Estévez Midfielder 26 181cm
25 Giulio Maggiore Midfielder 24 184cm
26 Tommaso Pobega Midfielder 22 188cm
28 Martin Erlic Defender 24 19cm
31 Daniele Verde Forward 25 168cm
34 Ardian Ismajli Defender 25 185cm
39 Cristian Dell'Orco Defender 28 183cm
69 Luca Vignali Defender 26 186cm
77 Rafael Goalkeeper 40 187cm
80 Kevin Agudelo Forward 23 178cm
88 Léo Sena Midfielder 26 175cm
91 Roberto Piccoli Forward 21 190cm
94 Ivan Provedel Goalkeeper 28 192cm