GroundStadio Ezio Scida
AddressCrotone, Italy
Ground Info Stadio Ezio Scida is a football stadium in Crotone, Italy. It is currently the home of F.C. Crotone. The stadium holds 16,547. Stadio Ezio Scida opened in 1946 after having been under construction for 11 years. The stadium was named after ex-player Ezio Scida, who died during a team trip in 1946. Until 1999, Stadio Ezio Scida was a very modest structure that could hold no more than 5,000 people. Redevelopment works involving works of all stand around the turn of the millennium almost doubled capacity to just under 10,000 seats. Following Crotone’s promotion to the Serie A in 2016, the stadium got further expanded with temporary bleachers on top of the main stand and Curva Sud, raising capacity of over 16,000.
HonoursFootball Club Crotone S.r.l., commonly referred to as Crotone, is an Italian football club based in Crotone, Calabria.
Founded in 1910, it holds its home games at Stadio Ezio Scida, which has a 16,547-seat capacity.
The club is based in the ancient Greek settlement of Kroton, one of the first Greek colonies in what is now known as modern day Italy. The club is proud of their Greek origins with their banners and slogans and regularly depicting Greek icons such as soldiers of Sparta.[citation needed]

The first team from Crotone, Società sportiva Crotona, was founded as soon as September 1910, but without adhering to Italian Football Federation, and the following main teams of Crotone, like Milone Crotone, did not participated before 1921-1923 in several minor leagues including Prima Divisione (which later would be known as Serie C). Following World War II, a new club, Unione Sportiva Crotone replaced the previous one, playing seven seasons in Serie C.
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F.C. Crotone Players List

  Name PositionAgeHeight
Aristóteles Romero Midfielder 26 184cm
1 Alex Cordaz Goalkeeper 39 188cm
3 Giuseppe Cuomo Defender 24 190cm
5 Vladimir Golemic Defender 30 192cm
6 Lisandro Magallán Defender 28 185cm
7 Adam Ounas Midfielder 25 172cm
8 Luca Cigarini Midfielder 35 175cm
10 Ahmad Benali Midfielder 30 173cm
11 Denis Dragus Forward 22 180cm
13 Sebastiano Luperto Defender 25 191cm
16 Marco Festa Goalkeeper 29 190cm
17 Salvatore Molina Midfielder 30 177cm
20 Luis Rojas Midfielder 20 180cm
21 Niccolò Zanellato Midfielder 23 187cm
22 Gian Marco Crespi Goalkeeper 20 189cm
23 Antonio Mazzotta Midfielder 32 183cm
25 Simy Forward 30 198cm
26 Koffi Djidji Defender -17910 184cm
30 Junior Messias Midfielder 31 179cm
32 Pedro Pereira Midfielder 24 185cm
33 Andrea Rispoli Midfielder 33 188cm
34 Luca Marrone Defender 32 186cm
40 Francesco D'Alterio Goalkeeper 19
44 Jacopo Petriccione Midfielder 27 176cm
54 Samuel Di Carmine Forward 33 187cm
69 Arkadiusz Reca Midfielder 26 187cm
77 Milos Vulic Midfielder 25 183cm
95 Eduardo Henrique Midfielder 27 186cm
97 Emmanuel Rivière Forward 32 182cm