GroundStadio Ciro Vigorito
AddressBenevento, Italy
Ground Info Stadio Ciro Vigorito (formerly Stadio Santa Colomba) is a multi-use stadium in Benevento, Italy. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Benevento Calcio. The stadium is able to hold 25,000 people and was opened in 1979. The stadium was named after Ciro Vigorito [it], a sports executive, journalist and Italian entrepreneur working in the renewable energy sector.
HonoursBenevento Calcio, commonly referred to as Benevento, is an Italian football club based in Benevento, Campania. The club was originally founded in 1929 and then re-founded in 2005. They currently compete in Serie A, having won 2019–20 Serie B; the 2020–21 season is their second in the top flight of Italian football after the 2017–18 season.
The club was founded as Associazione Calcio Benevento in 1929,[1] their original home was the Meomartini which was built by Ciccio Minocchia.[2]

After working their way up the country's lower divisions during their early years, Benevento reached Prima Divisione, Italy's third highest professional league at the time, in the 1934–35 season. They finished above clubs such as Reggina during the club's first season within the league. Although they did not win promotion to Serie B, the team did remain in the third tier of Italian football for the 1935–36 season, re-organized to a smaller 64-team league renamed Serie C.
Serie B

Winners: 2019–20
Play-off winner: 2016–17
Serie C

Winners: 2015–16
Serie C2
Winners: 2007–08 Group C
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Benevento Calcio Players List

  Name PositionAgeHeight
Luca Antei Defender 29 186cm
1 Lorenzo Montipò Goalkeeper 25 191cm
3 Gaetano Letizia Defender 30 173cm
5 Luca Caldirola Defender 30 186cm
7 Adolfo Gaich Forward 22 190cm
8 Andrés Tello Midfielder 24 180cm
9 Gianluca Lapadula Forward 31 178cm
10 Nicolas Viola Midfielder 31 180cm
12 Nicolò Manfredini Goalkeeper 33 190cm
13 Alessandro Tuia Defender 31 184cm
14 Bryan Dabo Midfielder 29 187cm
15 Kamil Glik Defender 33 190cm
16 Riccardo Improta Midfielder 27 179cm
17 Gianluca Caprari Midfielder 27 171cm
18 Daam Foulon Defender 22 180cm
19 Roberto Insigne Midfielder 27 172cm
20 Giuseppe Di Serio Forward 19 182cm
21 Gabriele Moncini Forward 25 183cm
22 Igor Lucatelli Goalkeeper 17 197cm
25 Marco Sau Forward 33 169cm
26 Siriki Sanogo Midfielder 19 178cm
27 Fabio Depaoli Defender 24 182cm
28 Pasquale Schiattarella Midfielder 34 177cm
29 Artur Ionita Midfielder 30 184cm
30 Davide Masella Midfielder 19 184cm
44 Iago Falque Midfielder 31 174cm
56 Perparim Hetemaj Midfielder 34 179cm
58 Christian Pastina Defender 20 185cm
80 Pier Graziano Gori Goalkeeper 41 189cm
93 Federico Barba Defender 27 185cm