Arminia Bielefeld

AddressMelanchthonstraße 31a, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany
Ground Info Bielefelder Alm is a football stadium in Bielefeld, Germany. The stadium, which has a capacity of 26 515, is owned by the football club DSC Arminia Bielefeld and mostly used for the club's matches. The football ground was opened in 1926, with land acquired from a farmer named Lohmann. The stadium got its former name (Alm) because it did not look like a football stadium in the first years and so one of Arminia's members said that just a few cows were missing in order to look like an Alm. In 1957, it got its grass cover and the first grandstands were constructed. Until 1971 the stands were all terraced, but with Arminia Bielefeld winning promotion to the Bundesliga, the first stand with seating was constructed. By 1978 3 new stands had been built and the stadium's capacity was 34,222. By 1985 serious structural problems had reduced the capacity to 18,500, and later to 15,000. The stadium is well serviced by public transport. The Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof is only a few minutes away using line 4 (The red line) of the Bielefeld Stadtbahn tramway. Stadium parking is provided at Bielefeld University.  
HonoursDSC Arminia Bielefeld, is a German sports club from Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia that now is competting in Bundesliga.
Arminia offers the sports of football, field hockey, figure skating and cue sports. The club has 12,000 members and the club colours are black, white and blue. Arminia's name derives from the Cheruscan chieftain Arminius, who defeated a Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

The club is most commonly known for its professional football team that play in the Bundesliga and mostly played in the first or second tier of the German football league system, among them 17 seasons in the 1. Bundesliga, to which they have recently returned. Arminia's most successful years were the 1920s, the early 1980s and the middle 2000s. In 1947 and in the 1950s Arminia had sunk down to a team playing in a rather local area in the third tier (later third tiers covered larger areas).

Arminia has been playing their home games at the Bielefelder Alm Stadium since 1926. Since 2004 the stadium has been named SchücoArena through a sponsorship deal.
League titles
2. Bundesliga: (II)
Champions: 1977–78, 1979–80, 1998–99, 2019–20
3. Liga: (III)
Champions: 2014–15
Regionalliga West/Südwest: (III)
Champions: 1994–95
Oberliga Westfalen: (III)
Champions: 1989–90
Regional titles
Western German football championship
Winners: 1922, 1923
West German cup winner:
Winners: 1966, 1974
Westphalian cup winner:
Winners: 1908, 1932, 1991, 2012, 2013
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Arminia Bielefeld Players List

  Name PositionAgeHeight
1 Stefan Ortega Goalkeeper 29 185cm
2 Amos Pieper Defender 24 192cm
4 Joakim Nilsson Defender 28 185cm
5 Jacob Barrett Laursen Defender 27 179cm
6 Mike van der Hoorn Defender 29 190cm
7 Christian Gebauer Midfielder 28 187cm
8 Ritsu Doan Midfielder 23 172cm
9 Fabian Klos Forward 34 194cm
10 Reinhold Yabo Midfielder 30 176cm
11 Masaya Okugawa Midfielder 26 177cm
14 Jóan Símun Edmundsson Midfielder 30 185cm
15 Nathan de Medina Defender 24 183cm
16 Fabian Kunze Midfielder 23 191cm
17 Cebio Soukou Midfielder 29 185cm
18 Sergio Córdova Forward 24 188cm
19 Manuel Prietl Midfielder 30 187cm
20 Nils Seufert Midfielder 25 182cm
21 Andreas Voglsammer Forward 30 178cm
23 Anderson Lucoqui Defender 24 180cm
27 Cédric Brunner Defender 28 180cm
28 Michel Vlap Midfielder 24 190cm
30 Marcel Hartel Midfielder 26 177cm
31 Arne Maier Midfielder 23 186cm
33 Nikolai Rehnen Goalkeeper 25 191cm
34 Oscar Linnér Goalkeeper 25 199cm
36 Sven Schipplock Forward 33 186cm
38 Jomaine Consbruch Midfielder 20 174cm
40 Arne Schulz Goalkeeper 19
41 Vladislav Cherny Midfielder 18 179cm
42 Julian Frommann Midfielder 19 188cm